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What To Do When Visiting Rome

There is a possibility of getting spoilt for choice when planning for a tour of Europe. In case you are planning a weekend getaway or really want to tour the south of Europe, Italy is one of the places you need to visit. Due to the diversity of this country, most people are able to find something that is their taste. For places to visit when in Italy, you can click here.

If you are a food enthusiast, then visit Tuscany as this is the perfect place to go and spend time while sampling authentic local dishes. In case you are a hopeless romantic, the definitely visit Venice. The great thing to do with your loved one while in Venice is take a canal ride. Discover more about the various sites you can visit while in Italy on this website.

One thing that brings most people to Italy, however, is Rome. Other than being the capital city of Italy, Rome was also the capital of the Roman empire. In the center of Rome, we find the capital of Catholicism and the smallest country in the world, Vatican. Read more here about what you need to know when visiting the city of Rome.

How to get to Rome is the first thing you need to think about. there is an airport in Rome where you will land if you choose to come in by plane. Train and road link the airport, which is southwest in Rome to the city center. The cheapest way to get to the city centre is by using a shuttle bus. The bus tickets are available online beforehand, or you can get them on the bus. You can take a taxi if you need to although they cost more.

Take advantage of guided tours when travelling to Rome for the first time. The Vatican tends to get very busy and if you travelling on your own, you may have to wait for long in line before getting inside. With guided tours, there is a privilege entry you can enjoy. To find out more about the great Vatican tours visit this page.

One of the places you need to avoid eating at when visiting Rome is the city center as there are many places you can eat as. Restaurants take advantage of the location to price their meals way too high. There are places a few minutes from the city centre that charge less for their food therefore there is no need to worry about having to travel for long should you need to eat. Since locals have been to these places before; they can be able to give you good recommendations of where to eat.