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Cold Pitching Tips for Freelancers to Digital Marketing Agencies

No doubt the internet has opened up very many opportunities for people to make money and earn a decent living. More and more freelancers are taking advantage of the many avenues through which they can meet new clients that may be in need of their services. How about you get started by looking to contact digital marketing agencies to see if they are in need of your services. Freelance writers, for example, are always in high demand today and most digital marketing agencies will not hesitate to partner with you. Here is a guide to help you pitch directly to digital marketers and what to expect from them.

To get started, you might want to confirm with some of the leading freelance writing job boards whether or not the agencies have posted job openings in their companies. You can always visit the two leading platforms today: ProBlogger and Blogging Pro. The reason for this is because most agencies rely on such job boards to post their needs and will often hire freelancers through these sites. But what do you do if you don’t get any positive feedback no matter how good you structure your application?

First you need to identify this company you wish to offer your services and then ensure you take a tour of their website. Note that some of these agencies may not be full digital marketing service. Some will offer SEO, others web design, others PPC and others a combination of all these minus content development. What this means to you as a freelancer, you can offer your services for content development. Avoid sending random applications as this will not only frustrate you but might end up annoying your target audience.

More importantly, it will be prudent of you to know how to make a good pitch so you can win the trust of this company and get a chance to offer this service that you desperately want to. Remember, you are not sure they need your assistance, all you know is that they are in the same industry that you are an expert in. You could be good at web design, link building or even the famous freelance writing services. When approaching this company, it is important that you are professional and polite, and ensure you keep your pitch as sweet and short as possible. As long as you are reliable, fast and hardworking, no doubt an agency could be your best bet here.