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Why You Should Visit San Francisco

Do not miss to go to San Francisco if you are touring Northern California.You do not want to miss on the amazing dining scene.The secret of finding this incredible dining scene without much struggle is going to the corners of the city. Depending on your occasion, you will be faced with so many dining choices that can all satisfy your needs.Making a choice on the best restaurant to choose can become so hard. Do not worry, here is a list of all the amazing hotels that are worth every penny.

Spruce is the first dining scene you should spend your huge bucks.Spruce is located in Presidio Heights. The hotel is well known for its white tablecloths, a wine list that is never disappointing, and an excellent support team.The menu has amazing meals like burgers, taleggio, and foie gras. If you are a lover of organic foods, then this is the best dining scene for you.

The second place to eat is the Basa Seafood Express. This place allows you to indulge in seafood without splurging. Some of the seafood on high demand in this place is the clam chowder with salmon burgers or fried shrimps and chips. You can as well buy fresh seafood and cook them. The next place to dine is the Turtle Tower. You will enjoy the Ha Noi style, which is a Vietnamese cuisine.Look out for their different locations, SoMa, Civic Center, and Outer Richmond or even order for deliveries at your home.Worth noting is the different days and hours of operation for all three locations.

Do not miss to visit The Cliff House.The view and the food are amazing.When foggy, you will get to enjoy the Sutro Bath ruins but if not foggy, you can feel suspended in a cloud.Another amazing dining area is the Rooster & Rice.Their signature meal is Rice and Thai Chicken that are infused with cilantro, garlic, cucumber, chilies, ginger, and soybeans.

Roka Akor should be in your list of dining scenes to visit.All its different locations offer seafood, steak, and sushi.Go to Roka Akor for their ambience.The seventh restaurant to spend your bucks is the Tartine Bakery.Their signature meals are their morning buns, warm bread, and sandwiches.This award winning restaurant will make you leave happy and satisfied.

The Californios should be in your list of dining areas to visit while in San Francisco. Its exemplary services and food has been recognized by the Food and Wine magazine as the Best New Chefs in America.The meals are a sixteen course meal served every single night.The ingredients are also very fresh.Another thing worth noting is that their menu items keep on changing, so do not expect to get the same meal every time you visit the restaurant.

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