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Laugh Out Loud: Must-Know Top 5 Quotes About Computers That You Surely Would Not Forget

Quotes should always have the drive that is equipped with knowledge that is something many people can learn from. Another perception is that it should be inspiring, however, that is not the case here because the quotes on this list are far from that.

It is no joke but surely it has made people laugh and of course, it is ringed with a message that is to be learned.

Without further ado, check out the list of the top 5 quotes that would surely make you laugh out loud.

Libraries are not as popular as computer hubs because not many people spend their time reading a book. This is the reason why some libraries have chosen to go digital and convert their books to eBooks.

Seriously, if you have the time, kindly read a book and turn down your technology use, it helps once in a while. Read more now about the library’s open letter to humans.

Before there was Google, there is this thing called Encyclopedia, the bearer of all knowledge in the universe. Who would want to scroll through a whole book just to find a simple information?

There is always a popular reminder that before you post Google it and at the same time filter your information. View here for more info about the quote.

There is literally no boundary as to who uses a computer as well as who has access to the web. Maybe this quote proves how people’s ignorance can be the cause of conflicts on and off the internet. Discover more about the quote that highlight this point.

Maybe it is Confucius who said this one but he or she is right, you will never know patience until it is being tested. You can tell a man or woman’s true colors through the use of slow internet connection. Here is the quote about patience is a virtue in its revised form.

It is not actually read as ten but rather as separate numbers, 1 and 0 due to the fact that these two are the main values of binary numbers. There are actual values in each 1 and zero that can go as great as 128. Learn more about the quote and how it is related to binary.

Surely, those witty statements have not only made you laugh but made you realize a point. The quotes mentioned above can also be the source of wisdom no matter how funny it sounds. Which among the five did you like the most?