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The Stories of Cancer Survivors That You Will Find Very Thrilling

It is important to realize the fact that cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world today. Cancer kills people irrespective of anything. This deadly disease has claimed the lives of many people over the past years. One is required to realize that doctors have an understanding of how cancer diagnosis is done and staged. In the first stage, the cancer cells are already multiplying and cannot be detected easily. The the next stage, the cancer cells have migrated and can be felt at the lymph nodes. You will realize that the lymph nodes, affected organs and the associated ones will contain the cancer cells in the third stage. The last stage can also be termed as the secondary stage since cancer cells have affected several other organs. One is required to understand that there are chances of surviving cancer when one is diagnosed early and treated as needed. Learn more here about some cancer survivor stories.

One is required to understand one of the people that have managed to survive cancer is Cheryl Stack. This young woman was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is linked to HPV. The HPV is known to attack people who have careless sexual behaviors. Because of this reason, many people looked down on Cheryl and she suffered a lot of stigmas. You should understand that she was diagnosed at a time when there were no vaccines for this viral infection. Later on, Cheryl chose to campaign for protection against this virus.

It is essential to understand that Shannon Miller also realized that she had cancer of the ovaries when she was 33 years of age. At the time of the diagnosis, this lady had won the seventh Olympics medal in gymnastics. She assumed the several signs of cancer at first before knowing it was actually this dangerous disease. However, she survived due to the kind of exercises she did at the gymnastics. She has learned to be persevering and this helped her a lot. This individual then started creating cancer screening awareness. This woman encourages people to be in charge of their bodies and pay attention to every part.

You should also know that Aubrey Glencamp is also another case of breast cancer survivor. For males, the signs of breast cancer are prominent and can be felt almost immediately. Aubrey shares how his positivity changed his life and made him endure the situation. This person says that it was scary to be diagnosed with breast cancer being that he was a man and he also shares his bold step of going for double mastectomy. This individual talk so much of the need to live a normal life even if one is diagnosed with cancer.