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Log Lodges Maintenance Myths That Shouldn’t Keep You From Buying One

The these day’s log lodges are not rural homes any longer.They are gorgeous buildings with lots of character and style. It is unfortunate that most homeowners have the fear of building or even purchasing the log cabins. The fear comes from the numerous myths that move around about the maintenance of the log homes. If you have a dream of purchasing a log cabin, nothing should block your way. You can click here to learn more in the some of the most common myths so you can know the truth about log home care.

You need to know firstly that log cabins can consume most of your resting time., Of course, there are some maintenance works in your home that is more important than others. If you won’t pay close attention to these parts, your home will look shabby.But the truth is that all homes require a certain amount of maintenance anyway.Log cabin upkeep does require a few special tasks that others may not. But if you are building your log home, you can set yourself up for success.If you include proper extensions, porticos, landscaping and a few other things in your design you will probably prevent extra maintenance and problems down the line.

You know how harmful insects are when it comes to wood and log cabins are made of them. This does not mean that your log home will teem with these harmful animals. There are some effective ways of managing this problem of the pests one of them being the use of borate. Borate won’t be that dangerous to your loved ones because it is manufactured from natural raw materials.

No matter how expensive the material to build your log cabin is, mold will still destroy it. A lot of moisture is the one that results to mold. You have to ensure that the logs remain dry to keep away the mold.This is where those proper overhangs come in handy.

It is the nature of the wood to crack aimlessly. You should not worry much about this. It is pointless to use other logs if they get damaged out of cracks. For you to make them look good once more, you can use the wood sealants to seal them or seal. There is no problem also with polishing them. You can’t manage to make good these cracks that you notice on the logs and also beware that you cannot fight against nature.

Stains in the past were full of Volatile Organic Compounds or (VOCs) and you now know these are bad for both you and the environment. It is possible to get rid of these stains and move on without your log cabin being harmed thus you can be just as green at home with a log cabin as with any other type of home.