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Easy Steps Towards Replacing Your Garbage Disposal

You would expect your garbage disposal unit to break down with time. The great thing with such a tool is that you do not require a professional to replace it for you. This is because it is very easy to assemble and disassemble the system. This article elaborates the procedure that you should use to remove the old unit and put the new one.

Getting to cut off the power been fed on the garbage unit should the first step to take. You should go to the house main circuit breaker and locate the switch which powers the garbage disposal unit. This will make you get to work at a safe environment.

You should go on to figure out where the gadget is located. Start by opening the doors locking the compartment beneath your sink. The first thing that will catch your eyes is a large cylindrical object. This is the unit that is up for replacement. You should take the model of the garbage disposal unit that you are removing. This will make sure that you do not purchase a gadget which will give you a hard time fitting.

Thirdly, ensure that you disconnect the discharge tube. The discharge tube is the tube joint from the ground plumbing to the disposal side. Start by first loosening all nuts at the joints. This will free the tube.

Releasing the old disposal follows next. Look for the metallic ring. Use one arm to hold the rings and the other to twist. Put it on a rag as it has a lot of dirt.

The next step should be removed from the mountain ring. Start by getting rid of the rubber found at the base of the ring. Once the rubber is off, the ring will automatically fall off. After that loosen the nut joining the rest of the assembly and get to also remove the sink flange.Once done, go on and disassemble the remaining unit.

Now bring the new system that you want to install. First, start by applying plungers putty on the flange underside and hold on the new sink flange on the putty for about one minute. Once it is firm, go on to connect the new mounting assembly.

This should be followed by joining the metallic ring with the disposal unit. Once done, go on and reattach the wires. To finalize the entire step, you should go on and put the new discharge tube to its position.

Once you are done with all this, you can start by pouring water in the sink to see whether there are any leakages. Once you have verified that the water is flowing without leaking, it is now safe for you to put the power back on. You can now go ahead and celebrate the fruits of your hard work.

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