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What Is the Future of Jon Jones

The end of 2018 will be great season for boxing fans. Great things are on the way. There is a mega fight expected to happen between Conor and Khabib. Press runs for the mega fight have already started. Woodley is already prepared to go back to fighting. Before 2018 ends Cyborg and Amanda will say good bye to the year in a fight.Adesanya will add more fights in his history.

Jon Jones is coming back to the field with his first fight scheduled for 28th Oct since his ban was lifted. The announcement was controversial just like all other aspect of his life. People expressed their feelings on this matter and it can mean many things. The move can mean a number of things. People are more attentive on USADA. USADA claims that Jon Jones did on have all the substance to his blood willingly. Since the incident he has helped the program in dealing with doping. This can be a way of Jones looking out for himself. He might be supporting USADA so that he will be given lesser punishment. Throughout, Jones has not admitted to doping and thinks that there people aiming to destroy his career. Those are people he gave away most likely.

You can tell that USADAs ruling is not based on fairness and a lot people are not pleased with its performance. It has received a lot of critics in the past. Cormier told the USADA officials that he does not need them to put him through tests since they are now longer legitimate and he does not dope.The career of Jones has taken many paths. Many controversies have surrounded him. The is a need for him to rebrand is brand n matter how you understand things. Each of the drama on his way has impacted him negatively and it is time to correct things.

At this point the best thing would be keeping a low profile an only speaking about the correct things. Fighting and being ethical should be his only practice.Doing the right things can make people forget some of his mistakes. He should stay away from anything that can hinder him from participating in future fights. Despite the fact that he was once talented, if he cannot make good business right now is a bad thing no matter how you reason. After the recent ruling, which fighters will fight Jones? Cormier and leaner will fight in 2019 before retiring on March. Cormier said that he is open for any fight with Jones even though he no longer wants to be part of Jones drama. Gusttafson fight will be more sensible.The best thing is wait to see how things will turn out.

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