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List of Exquisite Shipping Container Homes in the Country

Global warming is not the only thing that is a headache to mother nature- the ever increasing human population is also worrying. We cannot possibly blame anyone else but us for this, and worse, we don’t expect any reductions because humans aren’t animals to be so easily controlled- get me right. So, what different can we do? Well, in this site, you are going to find out that you can actually make beautiful homes from unused or repurposed shipping containers. Whenever you think about a home that is made from a shipping container, you’d be forgiven to think that it is a horrid box that no one can like. I am sure that you will start loving container houses if you read more here!


Our first container home is one that was designed by Moreno. He made it simple- with eight shipping boxes. And, while the outside is rusted, it acts like a case to conceal the beauty that lies inside. The house has a high bedroom, a grand piano in an entertainment room and a dining room. Plus, it also has green spaces on marble floored patio. Check this site for more!

The Maison Container

How about the Maison container? This is a home that tries to combine the traditional appeal of a farmhouse but it is still made of shipping containers. The French architect who designed this house wanted to blend both the traditional look with the shipping containers to make a house measuring at least 2000 square feet and an interior that was awesome. It has metallic walkaways, spiral staircases, bathrooms and bedrooms whose decors look like they were cut from interior magazines.

The L-Shaped house

Across the ages, the L-shape design has been popular for many people around the world. The L container house was first structured in 2009 and the architects paid attention to both elegance and function. Today, the 2000 square feet house has two levels where the ground has an open kitchen and a living room, and the bedroom plus home office are upstairs.

The 8 week home

Imagine going for a two month holiday and coming home to an exquisite home all in less than 8 weeks? If you can, then we are talking about something that is both popular and realistic, and you can check it out now! It was in 2009 that the idea came to fruition in New York. The architect who made the dream possible used a prototype that they believed would take less than 8 weeks to complete. The house is made from four shipping containers and has a living room and kitchen. For details on how to buy a sustainable, functional and beautiful container home, check it out!

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