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Signs of Getting High on Marijuana.
Marijuana is a narcotic whose intake into the body is via smoking, eating in food is another form it is taken, it gives the user a ‘high’ feeling due to some awesome side effects. Apart from making its users high, marijuana has medicinal importance and has been legalized in countries such as Canada for this reason, its medicinal aspect is its ability to treat pain, doctors prescribe it to patients with chronic pain in nations where it is legalized. Marijuana has significant effects on its user and these are the signs you can observe and point out that someone has had a puff of it, some of them will manifest immediately after the puff while others take time to show.
The most straight out sign of someone who has just had a smoke of weed is the reddening of the eyes, this has widely been associated with marijuana all over. THC found in Bangkok usually has an effect on blood pressure, it lowers it significantly and the vessels of the body will consequently dilate hence increasing the blood content in them, the same happens to the ocular vessels and since the eye has transparent qualities, it will show the blood amounts in it hence the redness.
Whether you have personally taken weed or you have been with someone who has, you will shout out that laughing is one of the side effects, stoner are about the happiest people alive. Again THC takes part in increasing the excitement of a smoker of weed, it does this by two ways both of which are direct effect of cannabis on the brain, first it releases dopamine from doparminergic neurons of the brain which is a ‘feel good’ or ‘happy hormone as it improves the persons good mood, THC will also increase blood supply to the frontal lobe cortex of the brain that has a center for laughter on the right lobe hence increasing it activity and we all know what happens next. If you want to laugh your heart out, to have at least one happy moment marijuana is the right button there for you and you probably want to shop now to get that laugh you have always desired.any are the times you have had a boring day and you probably wanna try weed the next time, make a point a shop now and get the little feeling you have missed out.
It is a common characteristic of a stoned person to act slow and yet look so active, someone might call this a misnomer and yes it is but still it is a nice feeling but only if you do not need your quick body movements when opting for a treat of marijuana. Marijuana has an effect of reducing blood supply to the cerebellum which is an important part of the brain responsible for coordination of learned muscle movements, what becomes of it is the activity of the cerebellum will decrease and coordination of movement becomes rather slow and the baseball is far gone for instance.

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