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Take Medicine Without Swallowing a Pill

Medicine for kids usually comes in a tasty, bubblegum and liquid form. Medicine for older people will come in pill form. Thus, many individuals are familiar with the pill medicines. Many people are not aware that there are other options which are available. It will be important for you to note that there are other available ways apart from pills which you can take medication into your body. This article contains some useful information about various methods which you can be able to get the crucial medications required by your body.

Troches happens to be one of the ways through which you can take medication. Troches are the next best things to the pills. These types of medication come in pill form and they can be swallowed or chewed or even held under the tongue where they will dissolve. troches are most prescribed for those children who are young and cannot swallow pills and to adults who have problems with the traditional method of pills intake.

You can also take medication in powder form. In case you find it hard to swallow the medication in pills form, then you can try the mix in powder. The powder looks the same as that which would be used in making iced tea or lemonade only that the pharmacist will give you the right dosage and you will mix it with water before you take it. The powder will contain the medication that you need to take and it will be easily mixable with water so that you can consume.

Another way through which you can take medication apart from the pill form is by injection. Many individuals fear needles. For people who are fine with injection, then this happens to be the easiest and also the quickest way of taking in the required medication. Injection are efficient since they inject the medication right into the blood stream of the patient which make the effects of the drugs even immediate. Another benefit that is associated with injections is that they are prescribed for daily consumption and they mostly last for one week. This implies that the patient can have a single injection every month at the clinic and thus there will be no need for them to have to remember taking the pills daily.

You can also take medication in lozenges. Lozenges are similar to the kids sweet medication.