Why Content Marketing is Overwhelming to Business Owners

Outsourcing content writing, marketing campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO), along with all other aspects of monitoring the competition and attracting new customers, is easier for many business owners. The thought of learning all the techniques, reading the analysis, and developing campaigns can be overwhelming. Although there is no one more equipped to highlight the business than the owner, most marketing is completed by professional agencies at major costs.

Breaking Down the Components

A new approach to marketing makes concepts and techniques easy to understand by breaking down the components. An all-in-one platform, called Zag platform, presents new ideas, provides simple ways to generate new traffic, and allows owners to take advantage of growth opportunities while monitoring the competition. This is accomplished via multiple applications that owners can access one month and switch them out in the next month. It is not necessary to master techniques to be able to utilize them.

Six essential marketing categories contain a dozen or more different applications. Try one, see if it is successful, and then try others. Keeping content fresh is never a problem because many options are available. Those six categories are:

1. Market research

2. Content promotion

3. Keyword planning

4. SEO insights

5. Content strategy

6. Competitive Intelligence

Not Left Alone

The platform, available in three packages, is accompanied by dedicated experts who offer world-class support to business owners. This is not a case of letting clients access the applications and then figure out the details on their own. There are no contracts required, and packages can be upgraded as the business changes and grows. It is important to note the platform is still in Beta, so pricing is the lowest it will ever be. It will not remain in Beta long so do not hesitate if the prospect of taking control of marketing and saving a significant amount of money appeals.

Monthly Payments

Business owners can elect to pay monthly or annually for the first two packages offered. The third package, called enterprise, is billed in three-month increments. This is the case because unlimited applications can be operated with that package. All the information regarding pricing and what is included in each package can be found on the website. Start with a free fourteen-day trial and discover the possibilities.