How Scent Marketing Is Used in the Business World

Customers are often drawn to certain stores because of their atmospheres. Even when the prices and service are comparable, buyers find that they just enjoy the environments of some businesses more than others. In many cases their preferences have been shaped with the help of scent marketing. Companies often install diffusers to add subtle aromas that clients link with positive memories and feelings.

The Power of Scent Sways Emotions

Humans connect scent and emotion from birth. Just a whiff of an apple pie can transport many people back to happy childhoods. With that in mind, businesses often manipulate the aroma of various areas to influence buying patterns. Scent cannot actually make anyone do something they don’t want to do but it can be a mood-changer. Aroma is utilized in nearly every kind of businesses. Perhaps the most powerful and frequent use is in the retail environment. Hidden diffusers often help create happy, energetic, tranquil, or even romantic moods. Clients gravitate to these positive environments, and that can translate into repeat business.

Companies Use the Science of Scent

Smell is a powerful sense because it impacts 75% of human emotions. Scientists have also found that the sense of smell plays a big part in memory. It is directly linked to the part of the brain that influences emotions, and the impression is immediate. Commercial clients harness these facts to create moods. For example, a whiff of coffee energizes customers. A hint of lavender is relaxing, and lemon creates a spring-like feeling. Stores also install diffusers that make spaces feel feminine or masculine environments or create a sense of luxury. Nearly every major retailer encourages Christmas shopping by adding seasonal scents like pine, hot chocolate, or gingerbread.

Aroma Specialists Guide Business Clients

Commercial customers buy their scenting products from experts. Companies like Aromatech explain the uses of scent and offer products that clients need to get targeted results. Businesses typically buy a range of diffusers as well as aroma and scent oils. Aroma specialists even offer scent subscriptions that ensure clients get new aromas each month. That allows them to create environments to match changing seasons and products.

It is common for businesses to scent environments in order to influence customer buying patterns. Companies can add subtle aromas that influence clients’ moods and energy levels. Businesses rely on aroma specialists to provide scenting guidance and supplies.