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How To Fix A Heater Core That Is Leaking

It is frustrating when your vehicle has a leaking heater core. The fluid that is being leaked goes to the ground also. This mess will be every place your car goes to, and it is also not good for the environment. The heater core is usually located inside the cabin when the vehicle is new. The leaking fluid will always find its way to the cabin even if the vehicle is old and the heater core is outside the cabin. This can result in significant issues with your car. One of these problems is that, when the vehicle is not yet warmed up, the floorboards will be messed by the coolant. The leaking coolant will also lead to soaked padding and the carpet.

With time the floor pan of your vehicle will begin to erode as a result of the fluid under the carpet. You will be unsafe in your car because this corrosion can ruin the floor. Another problem is that when your car is warmed temperatures can go up to many degrees due to this leakage. The hot coolant will turn into steam which can cause a bad odor into your car. When the lousy odor is covered to the ventilation system, it will be difficult to remove it. Inhaling the antifreeze is toxic and can also be hazardous to your health.

If you have ever had a leaking heater core, some of these issues are familiar to you. Wit time, this thin metal will have some breaks. Deciding to replace the heater core is not a good option because of its location within your car. It is located next to the fun so that the sky is pushed quickly to the ventilation system. It also needs to be next to the firewall so that the air can circulate easily according to your system settings. It is also not easy to replace the heater core if your vehicle has air condition. The air conditioner is located next to the heater core and can also be delicate to touch.

The easiest solution is to fix it. You should seal the leaking heater core since it is just a small leak. Further damages will also be avoided since the heater core will not be moved. As the sealant reaches the leaking point, a chemical weld will be formed due to the response of the different temperatures. The leak point will then be sealed, and your cooling system will not be affected. There are multiple stores in which you can see the heater core leak sealant.

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