I Seem to Have a Girlfriend

I can not claim to have got her through any great skill in my pursuit, in fact the opposite seems to be the case. I was probably convinced that she was not interested at first because she is too rich and way too pretty. I on the other hand was incredibly broke and it is hard to take a girl like this out and impress her when you have no money at all. Someone told me that her father has some betting web sites, but that is not true. Her father is a lawyer and her mother has the real money. I met her last weekend, although Jeanne sort of prettied me up before she took me up there. She spent a lot of time bragging about how good I was at computer science, which caused her mother to ask me a lot of questions which related mostly to making money off of investing in technology companies. I did not really claim to know the answer to a lot of them, although some of the things she asked about I did know a little bit about.

At any rate this has been a huge help to me at school. Jeanne let me move into the spare room at the house her parents bought for her. The place is small, but it is within walking distance of the campus. At least it is walking distance if you do not mind a bit of a walk. The big thing is that there is not any rent for me to pay and she always has food in her refrigerator and the pantry. So I have been set free to focus completely on my work, although Jeanne clearly intended for me to tutor her in all of the things that I can help her lean.