Reasons Why Print Media Is Important in Your Marketing Efforts

Companies are always looking for new and better ways to increase their outreach and visibility. So much effort is spent looking at digital messaging that traditional print media is frequently overlooked, but this is usually a big mistake. You’re missing out on a massive opportunity to improve your following locally by not considering print advertising; here’s why.


Having your product, article, or services published through a print media source gives you more visibility than you may initially think. Certain newspapers still have massive influence and circulation, which can be extremely beneficial for businesses looking to get the word out about their products or services. Your message will carry more weight when people are physically holding your content in their hands.

Brand Establishment

Print media is incredibly influential, especially when it comes to brand management and recognition. Using print media improves local recognition significantly. While your first instinct may be to turn to newspaper ads, that’s far from your only option. Establish your brand by creating print media options like business cards, flyers, mail-outs, and coupons.

Reach Your Target Market

Digital advertising is a great way to reach a large number of people, but how do you know if you’re reaching your intended audience? You can get a rough idea through stat tracking, although you have little control over who may (or may not) see your online advertisement. Posters, flyers, and local printed media will get your message to the right people with certainty, especially if you’re targeting a special local niche. Otherwise, you’re merely hoping those random website visitors are the ones you’re looking for.

Take Advantage of the Lack of Print Media

Many businesses are moving away from print media in favor of going purely digital with their outreach. Now is the perfect time for you to do both and fill the hole in the market. The average internet user’s email inbox is already stuffed full; your emails are much more likely to be ignored than a flyer or mailout. This re-focus means customers are becoming more receptive to traditional advertising methods again.

Printed Content Is Engaging

There’s too much content on the internet for anyone to comprehend-so much so, that it can take users hours to find what they need if they aren’t searching for exactly the right term. Users adapt to this over-saturation by speed-browsing through search engines and natural links to find exactly what they’re looking for. Most will bounce away from your website in just a few seconds; even if they stay, they skim. It’s rarely enough time to get your message across.

Compare that to the average 43-minute reading time for magazines and newspapers. Informing, teaching, and selling become much easier, and conversions increase, too. These are the benefits of investing in printed content, even in an online digital world.