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The List of Polluted Rivers and Steps Lawyers Can Do Something About This

The civilizations before had sprang up around the rivers since the water provides way for the life and for the abundance. But now, this forces of nature is being mistreated. The rivers now had become polluted that ever.

There are a lot of rivers that are listed that will surprise you. Try to discover into this terrible issues in the environment that leads to destruction and the things that the lawyers do about it.

Citarum River, Indonesia is one of the most polluted rivers. You will be shocked knowing that the Citarum River do have a mercury level that is around one hundred times of the legal amount which is indeed too high. This type of pollution comes from the heavy industrializations and also for the lack of the awareness from the general public regarding the proper disposal of the waste materials.

Mississippi river from United States of America is also considered to be one of the dirtiest river in the world. This is where many factories uses in order for them to transport the goods to the nearest market place. Unfortunately, this is already being polluted by the nitrates level as well as the benzene and arsenic. This river is now being polluted by the amount of harmful algae that makes it impossible for any sort of water activities to happen.

Another polluted river is the SArno River from Italy. The Sarno River has unfortunately been titled as the Most Polluted River in ant place of Europe. The waste are from the agricultural and thwe industrial waste.

In the Philippines is the fourth polluted river known as the Marilao River. This is one of the major concern of the government in the Philippines nowadays. There can be so many bag and bottles that is made of plastics in the Marilao River that makes it populated. The industrial plants also dumped into their waste from here that causes it to be more polluted.

There are still many rivers that can be part of the list but they are the top most polluted one.

But, with the help of the environmental lawyers, a remedy to this pollution can be attained and this issue will bring to an end in order to bring back the river to its original state. The good thing is that they can file a case towards those polluters who are causing pollution to the rivers and this can be done by the environmental lawyers.