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Guidelines for Improving Your ITunes Podcast Rankings

After creating a podcast, you need people to subscribe so that you can increase the audience. Having an excellent podcast and many episodes is not enough since the main thing is to make people listen to you so that you can start making money. You should note that iTunes rankings are different from other rankings and hence you should follow each step if you want your podcast to rank best on iTunes.

The first tip is to have the best episodes to capture the emotions of the audience will help you boost your rankings. It is essential to note that in iTunes some strategies may not work such as keywords and search engine optimization. The staff members from iTunes are the ones that select the best collections. If you want to rank well in iTunes, it is crucial that you get over one hundred subscribers daily. People will spread word about your content to their friends once they find your article fulfilling and captivating. It is important that you understand the needs of your audience so that you can create quality episodes and this is in terms of production.

Bringing other people in your podcast will help a lot because your audience will listen to different voices and also make sure that your voice and the sound are the best so that the audience can stick to your podcast. The next guideline is consistency whereby you should not give your audience the same thing every day but try to be creative so that they can hear new things. Another way to be consistent is to know when you will be creating new episodes and in this case you should come up with a schedule. There are various benefits of having a schedule such as you will not keep your audience for a long time without posting new episodes, you will have enough time to prepare for quality episodes and you be able to know after how long you should be posting.

You should ensure that you promote your episodes through links to various sites such as social media. Every time that you create a new episode, you should ensure that you post a blog about it on the various social media platforms. You should be careful when using keywords for your titles and ask your listeners to give reviews, subscribe to your podcast and share the links in your social media accounts.

In the iTunes app, most of the features are created by their employees and hence you should understand your rating often. In conclusion, if you want your podcast to rank well in iTunes, you should focus mostly on quality whereby if you want to have quality episodes, look at the content that you have created and the quality of the production.