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Tips for DIY Pool Maintenance.

While having a pool at your place is a good idea, it comes with some huge requirements. It will require you to be keen on its maintenance, and make cleaning it a regular thing.

Do not be scared though since pool maintenance is not that hard. To achieve an excellent condition of your pool, there are three simple measures that you can partake.

Skim the surface of your pool on a daily basis.
You can easily get frustrated if you dive into a pool only to realize that there is a bunch of some little bugs. To get rid of such, you should skim the pool on a daily basis.

You can choose to skim your pool every morning or in the evening. It does not have to be a specific time, all you need to do is making is a regular routine. Skimming the pool will make it much easier to get rid of all unwanted animals. With this, you also will significantly get rid of all dirt or leaves that could be floating on the surface.

Brushing and vacuuming.
While skimming is a good thing to do, you cannot entirely rely on it in keeping your pool clean. It is wise that you brush the pool’s surface at least one or two times in a day. To brush your swimming pool, you will only require 5 to 10 minute, which is approximately the same time that skimming takes. You can decide to time your vacuum, or even leave it round-the-clock. In addition, you can remove the vacuum from the pool and put it back when its necessary. This comes along with its benefits as well as negatives. With this, it is important that you consider factors such as your kids tampering with it when they are swimming. You also will need to consider how your electric bill will be.

Check the chemistry weekly.
Bear in mind that cleaning the pool is one thing, but having the water in perfect condition is another. The pool’s pH balance ought to be right. The wrong pH in a swimming pool could make swimming in it risky, or even lead to the growth of algae.

There are two approaches of keeping up with the right pH which is purchasing a pH test kit from a local supplier, or getting an expert to do the test.

To stay motivated, it is important that you make the pool maintenance a fun activity. Even when you do not feel like carrying out the task, bear in mind that what you are doing is fun, and this will keep you well motivated.

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