Finding Ways To Keep Up With Traveling

Gabe’s Awesome Flight

Flying back home wasn’t as dramatic as I had imagined. I would say perhaps it is because I did it a couple of days and had managed to survive – so I thought, that is where I am good at. You shouldn’t take me wrong; I do not have any intention of flying again. You see, having such long flights that go for more than a day can wear you a lot; and you will not want to care what’s happening. You want to see to it that you make it quick enough.

I was awake for the most part of the night, reading and putting together the “how to” manuals for the Albany airport because I was intended to fly out before my loved ones. I wanted to see to it that they understand what to do since there wasn’t anyone to guide them. And I can confess that it wasn’t unselfishness on my part, it simply didn’t want to go back there any time soon. And you can say I am selfish if you want.

I had to run some fast online search so that I can get a glimpse of the airport’s policies. I found out that it is necessary that I arrive few hours before my flight. It is expected that most of the travelers prefer to be at the airport an hour before their flight, but then I felt that I wanted to be over and cleared. I can’t imagine missing my flight because I failed to check in on time and have my bags checked.

You see, according to the transportation service that operates the Albany area, a larger segment of the complaints that they receive has to do with delayed flights and lost baggage. Yes, I can deal with the lost baggage – but a delayed flight is a no-no for me. I can’t possibly miss such a great flight; and the way I am longing to be home.

And to my anticipation, the plane did get me back to Kansas City, safe and sound; and I am here giving my account at seven the morning. I looked at the experience that I just went through a few hours ago and I could safely conclude that flying is not such a bad experience. It is convenient and saves time. But the truth is that I feel that I hate flying – more than before. You see, I haven’t been doing this before. You book your flight, take off and fly over some states and then reach your destination; that doesn’t interest me at all.

It is my liking to experience things and environment; something that you can’t do when you are flying miles above the ground. I would want to drive through the states, alight and take a break, eat, and see my old folks and proceed.

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