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What Is Indoor Urban Farm And Its Advantages

It has been a few years since the idea of indoor urban farm has became a really popular around the world. And there are actually more people every year that are getting interested in trying indoor urban farming.

Everyone are aware that indoor urban farming really looks good in futuristic buildings, city roofs and homes. There are also a lot of experts that believe indoor urban farm is the next step in food production.

But first you need to know why indoor urban farming is the next big thing.

1. Production – the indoor urban farming will be able to produce more food per square foot with the use of the hydroponics. The production of food is possible thanks to the vertical design that is allowed in the system of the hydroponics. That is how the indoor urban farming is capable of producing more food per square foot.

2. Sustainability – because hydroponics are being used in indoor urban farming, they will be using lesser space and 90 percent less water. That is why a lot of experts are considering the indoor urban farming as a really sustainable type of farming when it comes to the production of food. And since the indoor urban farming is using less power and no chemical herbicides and pesticides, the hydroponics system in this type of farming will help decrease the chances of getting soil erosion, drought, and other issues that are connected in great farming productions. Every time people will choose to use indoor urban farming in their food production, they are actually helping in the conservation of the environment, and that is really the best part of the sustainability provided in this type of agriculture.

3. Simplicity – indoor urban farming is a really easy thing to do, and you should be aware of that. You will not be needing a big budget or the skills and awareness on gardening in order for you to maintain a whole garden. That is because the indoor urban farming is using the hydroponic system, and that means that all those required gardening skills are replaced with technology. You will no longer have to get dirty to maintain your garden. All you got to do is plant the seeds, fill the tank with water, add the natural formula, run the system using your smartphone app and enjoy the advantages of the indoor urban farming.

4. Decreasing food miles – you will be able to get fresh food if you grow your food using indoor urban farming as well as decreasing the food miles in order to have lower risk of contamination during transportation, and packaging of the produce. Indoor urban farming will help you produce local and fresh food, in addition to being friendly to the environment, as well as encouraging more people to eat healthier food that are in season.
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