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My Love for My Blue-Collar Husband and the Reasons for That

His dream when we first met in high school while he was 16 was to become an actor which he would say with a smile when you inquired this from him. He had even gone to the campus of UNC Wilmington and inquired about theater production and fine arts program. While in the institution, he got to change his long life dream of becoming an actor from a reply he got from the university professor and a professional actor. He asked the professor about his family life in that career. It was a good answer that he got from the professor on the life of an actor, and he told him that at times he would have a good pay from the job and other times he will have a spell of no job which can be rather challenging to family life.

The answer changed my husband and he applied for a course in business in the North Carolina State University. He was however not sure of what business he wanted to engage in until he had a talk with his grandfather who wanted to quit the family plumbing business. He studied for that and took his exams and excelled in them. He then got a state license and became a professional plumber, and I had a job as a technical writer.

He would wake up every morning, get suited up and get to his grandpa’s home to pick him up in the old truck. They would then help their clients in the repair of leaking pipes, installing of water heater, repairing commodes and any other services you needed from this company. I could help in any way, and I was used to the emergency repair calls in the middle of the night.

It was a good chance for him to spend time with his grandparents. His grandmother used to prepare them breakfast and lunch. They would sit and take them around the kitchen table. With some idea in graphic design, my husband tried to modernize the business by designing a new logo for the business, a magnetic truck sign, making business cards and a new website to promote this company.

At the time my husband manages the business alone since his grandfather is in an assisted living facility and the grandmother in a nursing home where he gets to see them. The plans are to expand the business. We happen to have two children who love their father so much. They always wait for him so that they can get some twirl. He is always prepared to do so. I love him for his hard work, dedication and more.