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Things That You Should Know About Bondsman Stories

It is important to know that America has become obsessed with hearing the story of bail bond over the last few years more so the bounty hunters. One of the things that started trending the story of the bail bondsman is the television, and therefore the internet has picked up where the TV left.

Bail bondsman and bounty hunter stories are the most pretty and crazy one that you could not miss to listen at any time. Some of the difference between a bail bondsman and a bounty hunter is as follows.

It is important to note that most of the people think that bondsman and bounty hunters is the same people and their jobs are different. In a situation when one gets arrested bail bondsman put up a loan in return for a percentage of the total bail and therefore you should know that not all the people arrested and charged with a crime could come up with hundreds of thousand dollars bonds.

Additionally you should know that a bail bond itself is the insurance that any person charged with crime shows up to the court of law. It is important to know that the police get busy to hunt the individual who skips the court and the bondsman hires enforcement agent to hunt the individual as the warrant goes for the individual.

Below are some of the highest bail bonds ever set. You should know that some of the bail bonds do not exceed or reach six figures but the one you are about to see reach the six figures and surpassed the six figures.

Antonio will’s bail bond is one of the highest bail bond that holds the current record for the highest bail bond ever set, but this bond later was lowered by the district judge in Texas who found that the bond was unconstitutional and it was lowered to $ 15,000 later in six weeks.

Antonio wills’ bond was set so high at the first place due to the following reasons. Willis’ charge was of murder that was one of the reasons as to why the bond was set higher, but the judge who heard his case wanted the bond to be set at $100000.

The other highest bond was of Robert durst set at $3billion but later after an appeal the court found it unconstitutional and lowered the bond for each of the offenses that he got charged. Therefore, you should know that the life of the bondsman is stressful especially in a situation where dealing with hardened criminals all the day.