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Learn More About A Phlebotomist

In many nursing career choices, they are normally demanding in terms of reading as well as handling the patients when you are done but one of the scariest career as it involves dealing with bloody patients. It is normally tricky for one to recognize a phlebotomist when a patient because of the lack of knowledge about the various nursing careers. A phlebotomist is basically a person who is specialized in collecting blood from the patients by either donations or for the purpose of testing and diagnosis.

A phlebotomist would specialize in the drawing of blood from patients but can also do other several duties that are entitled to a phlebotomist. One of the extra duties of a phlebotomist is that he or she has the duty to ensure that the patients are comfortable after drawing the blood from their veins and comforting them to have no need of getting nervous about their blood having been withdrawn.

Another role of a phlebotomist is that he or she is the one who will always label the blood once it has been drawn from the patient. Before labeling of the blood samples, the process of identifying the patients is also another role played by the phlebotomist. Hygiene is an important aspect of any laboratory and hence it is the responsibility of a phlebotomist to ensure that all the places are clean.

The phlebotomist would enter the information about the patient to a database so that when the patient comes back again for a checkup or other complaints it could be easier for the patient to be identified. The phlebotomist would always ensure that the syringes and other medical equipment used are collected and properly kept.

The work environment of a phlebotomist is quite wide since he or she can comfortably operate in a hospital, clinical laboratories, community health centers and even the blood donation centers. The work of a phlebotomist is not centralized but they can also travel to work in different locations where they are expected to get blood donations maybe for the blood banks.

The skills of a phlebotomist are not too complicated compared to those of a doctor since you are just expected to handle the blood at sight. Phlebotomists are always referred to be having a good fine motor skill as it is crucial to draw blood from the veins of a patient with the use of a needle and a syringe. In order to be a qualified phlebotomist, you must have attained high school degree and proceeded to a higher level of education which could be vocational training schools.