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Everything You Must Know About Off-Page SEO

You have mastered the metas used for SEO, posting contents on a regular basis and your site has great link structure. What’s unfortunate is, after executing all these things, you are still not in the ranking you wish to be. You are for sure wondering why. There’s no doubt that this issue is making you scratch your head.

While most marketers spend great amount of their time and energy to build their site, what they don’t know is that, most of the effective SEO strategies are happening elsewhere. And it comes in the form of off-page SEO. In case that you don’t’ have any clues about this, I recommend that you keep reading.

The practices mentioned above like posting good and informative content, writing keyword friendly metas as well as adding internal links, all of these are considered to be on-page SEO tactics. In other words, they’re SEO practices that you need to do on your website. But when it comes to off-page SEO, this is where the SEO strategies happen to other places of the internet and not on your site. As much effort as you invest in your own site, you have to accept the fact that some of the metrics that make big impact to your SEO are happening from afar.

Actually, there are plenty of common strategies to do off-page SEO. You are going to discover more of them in the next paragraphs.

Number 1. Backlinks – as for the backlinks of your site, it’s simply the link to your page that originally comes from somewhere else. So as an example, you have an online outdoor equipment store. A blogger or adventurer has posted their favorite finds for the season and they have included a link in their post pointing back to your site, that is called backlink.

Number 2. Social media – think of how much time your prospective audience spend on their social media account, this will make you think how beautiful this source can be. Actually, this can be a big advantage to boost your SEO strategies and efforts. And assuming that you have a remarkable social media presence, then it will let you acquire more traffic going back to your site. Of course, the more the people are checking out your page, the higher the chances that it will appear to search engine.

Number 3. Review sites – as a matter of fact, you can also do off-page SEO on online review sites. As a matter of fact, these review sites are offering exceptional backlink while driving traffic back to your page. Thing is, you can only do this if you have excellent ratings among users.