Steps Involved in Being Approved For an Installment Loan

Applying for a loan with a bank can be a stressful process. When someone needs money right away, the lengthy process the bank makes applicants go through can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, individuals are able to apply for an installment loan that allows them to get the funds they need in a much faster way. This process is not as stressful as seeking traditional loans and individuals can receive the funds they need in a fast manner.

What Is an Installment Loan?

An installment loan is a way to borrow money that is needed and then repay it in an easy repayment plan. For the most part, the payments stay the same, though the first and the last payment may slightly differ, depending on the amount borrowed and the lender. When a new customer borrows money, the repayment period is six months. If the loan is repaid as scheduled, borrowers can eventually borrow greater amounts and with longer terms.

The applicant must submit information on their paydays so the lender can withdraw the loan payments on those days when the funds will be available. The payments can be set up on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule that will follow along with the pay schedule of the applicant.

Steps Involved in an Installment Loan

The steps for applying for an installment loan are fairly easy to go through. As long as the applicant meets the requirements of the lender and provides the requested information, they can be approved for an installment loan.

The applicant must provide their name, address, and information on their bank account. Applicants must be United States citizens and have a reliable income coming in each month that meets the requirements of the lender. Applicants cannot be under the age of eighteen and they must have a bank account that is in good standing because the loan payments will be directly withdrawn from the bank account on each scheduled payment date.

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