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Awesome Ideas to Incorporate on Your Big Day for Great Memories to Last a Lifetime

The average wedding in America today will cost an average of $33,391. It needs no mentioning that when you have to spend this much on your wedding, you had better ensure you get the most out of every minute of the D-Day. For most people, exchanging of vows is as important as no other day in their lives especially because the day brings together all their friends and loved ones – people who matter most to them. keep reading here to discover great wedding ideas that will have all the guests talking and smiling all day and night long.

You can learn more here about how you can share your love story on your wedding day with your guests. This can easily be done by writing out a timeline of all the milestones your relationship has taken leading you to the altar. You can always start sharing your love story right from the main entrance to allow people to start reading about your love as they come in. This way, people can follow through the story from the main entrance all the way to the altar as the story unfolds one step at a time and the final story being on the altar. Who wouldn’t love reading about a true love story as they wait for the ceremony to get started? The same love story can be featured on the reception tables. All you need is have a photo representing different stages of your relationship accompanied by a short explanation.

Another great way to have a memorable big day for you and your guests is to break the tradition with the wedding food menu. You certainly don’t have to subject your wedding guests to a boring menu of the traditional foods they are used to in their homes, or that boring traditional cake flavor they can find in the cake shop, now do you? This could be as simple as hiring some food truck to serve the finger-licking meals instead of working with the traditional caterers. You can also break the norm with the traditional wedding cake and have your guests served with doughnuts, ice cream sundae bar or even cupcakes.

The next great wedding idea you will love is to ensure you provide great musical entertainment to ensure you keep your guests energized and entertained throughout the day and night. Most people do this by having live music band, orchestra or choir that ensures the guests connect with the theme of the day. Have the music playing in low volume to eliminate those awkward moments and silences. Take the time to learn more about great wedding ideas, and you are sure to have a memorable day of your life.