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Tips on Having a Beach Wedding.

If you are planning a beach wedding, planning for it can be more complicated compared to other venues. The good thing about beach weddings, you can use less money to prepare for it and still have a memorable experience for you and your guests. Below is some info that can be of great help in preparing a beach wedding.

When planning a beach wedding, it is important to choose the right dress. Long flowing ball gown will not be ideal for this kind of wedding. Instead go for a smooth satin or silk dress, since they will not catch the debris from the sand. Also, you can consider light weight fabrics.

For a beach wedding, it is important you avoid the veil. A veil will make it hard for the photographer to take pictures because of the constant blowing of the wind. You can look for creative fascinator to replace the veil.

Also, ensure you hold your hair up. Hair down during a beach wedding can also make it difficult for the photographer.

Don’t do heels for a beach wedding. The heels will stick into the sand making it hard to walk. Shoes that are flat would be ideal.

Ensure you and your bridal team don’t have sun burns because of the wedding photos.

If you are planning for a beach wedding, avoid formal wear for the men. Choose informal clothes for the men to wear during the wedding.

What kind of decorations are you planning to do for your beach wedding? You can opt to use shells or drawings that have been inspired by the surroundings of the beach.

In addition, you can try contrasting colors when it comes to decorations.

It will cost you far much less, if you decide to get the materials you need for your beach wedding from locals. Transporting things into your destination can inconvenience you, especially in cases where they arrive late at the venue of the wedding.

Also, it is important to do all the necessary paperwork that is required before one can do a wedding in a beach.

If you want to have a memorable wedding free of distractions, ensure your beach wedding is private. You can hire a specific area at the beach, so that the public does not come around that area.

It is advisable you give you guest all the info they need to know about your wedding venue. This will ensure they come well dressed for the venue.

Do you have a shoe station for your beach wedding? Your guest can go there and wash the sand from their feet.

Another thing you cannot miss in a beach wedding, it’s the shades. Be creative with these shades.

Also, don’t forget to offer refreshments, such as water, cocktails and many more.

It is important to have signs that will guide the guest to different places at the wedding.

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