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How to Write a Book
Lack of information on how a book is written makes most people to find it a hard process. Writing a book comes along with so many advantages ranging from income generation to fame creation. As much as the process appears challenging, following the steps discussed here will enable one to have a successful book writing. The first step is to know why one wants to publish the book. This is so because, writing a book takes quite some time and effort and an individual has to also market it. Knowing why an individual is writing a book helps them not to lose that urge of writing the book. Secondly, one needs to know why people will buy their book. Many people have varying reasons on why they should buy a book. Different people read books may be to sort wise words or want to gain extra knowledge by expanding their thoughts on something. The need for one to know why people would want to read their books arise from such a scenario. As the third step to note, a writer has to be knowledgeable of their audience. Identifying the assumed target group helps one to know if the book will sell or not and this helps one to save on time and their effort because there is no essence in publishing a book which one knows very well it won’t be able to sell. Reading more on reviews and opinions from readers of such books from the same niche helps one to identify their target audience. An individual is supposed to have a financial plan of the expected expenses to be involved in the book writing process. Usually in book writing, one gets back what they have invested in the work. It starts from the top cover as this creates the first impression of the book and therefore, the cover should be done and printed properly. One needs to plan accordingly and know how much time they will take in editing, reviewing and putting the book together. This helps one not to lose track of the writing process. Pantsing method and the plotting method are the two types of methods in writing a book. Another important factor to note is, an individual should carry out an extensive research on the topic they are to write. After having the research on the topic done, one can no go ahead and write their first draft.As much as the first draft appears to be poor, it helps one to identify their errors and mistakes. The draft needs to be left for a while to help one relax their mind. After reviewing and identifying the errors in the first draft, one can now write the second and the third draft which will have very minimum errors. After these steps, one can now send the book to the editor to see their work. At this time, one need to be having a cover for their book in which if they don’t have, they can buy. At this point the book can be uploaded for reading by other people.

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